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    • 15 AGO 20

    The first Italian medical portal where patients can find specialists and obtain a direct consultation –

    The first Italian website to offer online medical consultations was launched today. This type of consultation is already used widely in the US. is the first portal dedicated to health where specialists can be consulted directly. «There is a direct relationship with the doctor or the specialist» says Stefano Davanzo, founder of Webmedicine. «In the internet there is a lot of supply in terms of health-related topics. Nonetheless, what is missing is the opportunity to meet in a direct and reserved way – through video conference – with a specialist who can provide indications on specific situations».

    Health plays a major role in the web. According to a recent study conducted by the Forum for biomedical research of Censis, one out of three Italians uses internet to get health-related information. Out of these, 90,4% make specific researches on illnesses, 58.6% look up for doctors and clinics, 15,4% book visits and exams through the net.
    «in light of this ‘thirst’ for information, direct contact with the doctor keeps on playing an important role», Davanzo continues. «Internet responds to the growing need to have more services accessible directly from home, in line with one’s daily schedule: guarantees privacy and offers extremely qualified personnel».

    Specialists are accurately selected and must respect the ethical code of the portal. Filippo Ubaldi, gynecologist, President of Scientific Committee of Webmedicine, explains: «We ask specialists not only to present their CV to the public, so as to show their level of experience, but also to undergo a feedback session at the end of each consultation, in order for us to be able to evaluate their performance».

    The portal now offers 8 channels going from andrology to psychology, from obstetrics to nutrition, from gastroenterology to consultations on potentiality of stem-cell based treatment.

    By the end of the year, the number of consultation types will be increased three-fold.

    In order to obtain a consultation, patients simply have to register, indicate their area of interest and choose a day and time for the appointment (between 7am and 11:30 pm).